TV Review - Fairly Legal ("Pilot")


Airs: Thursdays at 10/9c on USA
Genre: Legal drama
The Set-Up: Expert arbitrator Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) resolves conflicts for a living but can't seem to avoid them in her personal life.
The Good: Shahi is an engaging leading lady.  Smart, funny, beautiful - she's obviously got a lot working in her favor.  This is another USA program that does for the legal procedural what Covert Affairs did for the spy show.  It's light, frothy entertainment.  Goes down easy, is well-paced, and won't make you think too hard.  Kate's phone assigns various Wizard of Oz ringers to those calling her.
The Bad: Kate's personal hang-ups (her dad's dead, her stepmom/boss is a real witch) aren't all that gripping.  Neither were the two cases she had to arbitrate in the pilot.  The show's title sucks - what a lame pun.  Hard to try and convince people to watch "Fairly Legal" without having them roll their eyes at you.
The Verdict: I liked it, but don't feel the need to add to it to the DVR.  I get what it's doing - jut not my kind of must-see TV.  Some of you may love it though - I'd recommend watching it at least once and making the call for yourself.  *** out of 5 stars.

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