TV Review - 'Bob's Burgers'

As of last night, the 2011 new TV season is 0 for 3.  At least this means you'll have more time for book learnin' and interpersonal interactions.

The Premise: A family of nitwits owns a burger joint that apparently can't stay open.
The Good: I think I actually did laugh at one joke.  Which joke?  Good question.
The Bad: It's all kind of been done before (and better) on The Simpsons and Family Guy.  There's the long-married couple, the awkward daughter, the rebellious son, and the precocious one.
The Inexplicable: Why are all the female parts (except for the one played by Kristen Schaal) played by men?  Have we time traveled back to the age of Shakespeare? 
The Verdict: Skip this and watch the other FOX Sunday night offerings instead.


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  • I should have known.
    Joe Buck said he liked it.

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