SPOILER ALERT: I Don't Like Spoilers


Back in the day when the Internet was just getting it's groove on for the first time and I was working at the best day job I ever had (i.e. college residence hall desk worker/toilet paper distribution engineer), I'd spend my time at work scouring website after website for the latest gossip about movies and TV shows.

But as time went on I realized something.  I just wasn't enjoying TV as much as I used to.  Gone was the element of surprise that made sweeps season so exciting.  Now instead of being paralyzed by shock when the lead actor on my favorite TV show was killed by a bus in the season finale, I was mildly blaze about it and said, "I totally knew this was going to happen.  He's been in contract disputes with the show for months now."
So I stopped reading TV spoilers.
Harder to miss, though, are the Oscar spoilers.  It wasn't that long ago that no one reported on the Producers' Guild Awards or the Broadcast Critics Awards or the prestigious Podunk, Nebraska Film Lovers Awards (i.e. one guy named Ned and his wiener dog).  
The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow and, though I'm sure there will be some surprises, for the most part the nominees will be as predicted.  The Social Network and The King's Speech will lead the way.  Annette Bening will be given another chance to best another starlet (but this time one who's not Hilary Swank).  
I want to go back to a time where the Oscars weren't just the big budget afterthought in the awards season.  I want to go back to not feeling like the awards show itself is the Super Bowl game no one really cares about and is only a vehicle to deliver the real entertainment (red carpet fashions for the Oscars and commercials for the Super Bowl).
Because right now whichever film in the field of ten wins, be it either The Social Network or The King's Speech, I really only care at this point to see what kind of crazy shit Helena Bonham Carter is wearing. 

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