Oscar Nominations: Snubs, Surprises, Frustrations, Cool Picks, and More - Oh My!



Well, the Academy went and did it again.  Even though the nominations were predicted months ago, and we've all had plenty of time to steel ourselves for the results, I still feel annoyed by some of the Academy's choices.  It's like this every year, and you always think that it will be different, but it's not.

Now, to its credit, there are no glaring missteps like the Golden Globes' entire category of Best Comedy/Musical nominees.  No Tourist, no Burlesque, no RED.  The Academy is much more subtle about its idiotic choices. 

What leads the pack?  The King's Speech, with 12 nominations.  Does that mean it will win Best Picture?  Man, I hope not.  But it is a good indicator, and it definitely evens the playing field, which up until now has been All Social Network, All the Time.  I still think The Social Network can (and probably will) win, but we may have a split in the directing/picture categories - much like 1998 when Spielberg took director for Saving Private Ryan, and Shakespeare in Love took picture.  Rounding out the field, True Grit received 10 nominations.  The Social Network and Inception tied with 8 each.

But what does it all mean?  Who was snubbed?  What were they thinking?  Let's dissect:


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