Bears vs. The World: Daytime TV East Coast Bias

Augie Bears
I've been very lax in my blog posting due to, well, it not being easy to type with a newborn baby in one's arms.  However, I've been doing my job as a TV blogger by watching more than my share of daytime television.  
Today I watched The View and Not Dead! with Regis & Kelly and both shows barely mentioned The Greatest Yet-to-be-Played NFL Playoff Game of This Century and the Last (i.e. Bears vs. that Wisconsin team) and instead fawned all over the Jets.  Regis plays the homer card constantly, so his Jets fanaticism was no surprise.  However even Ms. Sherri Shepherd, who hails from the Chicago area, only quietly whispered the word "Bears" while Elisabeth Hasselbeck took only two seconds away from her fawning over the Jets to mention that the Bears had defeated her brother-in-law.
Now, I'm only a casual NFL observer who has a well-documented football-related learning disability, but had anyone even said two words about the Jets before they beat the Patriots yesterday?  I get that these shows are shot in New York, but their viewership does not lie exclusively in New York.  Does anyone outside of the New York area even care one iota about the Jets when not mentioned in the same breath as Brett Favre's wang?  Does this kind of thing piss anyone else off or is it just me?  
(I also felt a similar moment of Second City Sports Syndrome a few weeks ago when all the View ladies dressed up in coastal NBA jerseys.)
Whatever.  It will just make the schadenfreude more delicious when the Bears beat the Jets in the Super Bowl.

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