8 Questions about 'Live To Dance'

A few questions about Live To Dance, a TV show I will never, ever watch again ever.

1. Is Paula Abdul really that much of a draw?  I mean, I am one of the biggest American Idol fiends out there, but she was never even so much of a blip on my consciousness during her tenure on that show.  Did she really deserve the Paula-centric montage at the beginning of this show AND the theme song AND the obligatory guy-dancing-to-a-Paula-song moment?
2. Why did they hire likely adapted screenplay Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin to host this show?  And why did they ask him to speak in an Australian accent?
3. How much are the sheeple who tuned into CBS on Tuesday night to catch their weekly two hour block of Naval Criminal Investigative Service patriotism going to lap up this treacle?  I know the answer to this one: So much.  It's basically a dance-centric America's Got Talent.  And it's on CBS.  Automatic hit.
4. Was anyone else annoyed by the fact that this show was just basically filled with rejects from So You Think You Can Dance as well as the people too young or too old to audition for said show?  I will wait for the real deal, thankyouverymuch. 
5. How much does the one male judge get paid each time he utters the phrase "The Short List?"  
6. How dumb was it that the judges revealed their ultimate votes before issuing their critiques?  Someone needs to take the Ryan Seacrest Master Class on Reality Show Suspense.
7. Why is this show filmed in a tennis bubble?
8. Will you be watching this show?  If so, why?  Did you lose your remote and is your TV forever stuck on CBS?

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