2011 Mid-Season TV Schedule

It's January, a time for hibernating on your couch in front of your TV with your remote in hand.  Fortunately, it's also a time when the TV gods smile upon us and offer forth some brand new television to get us through the winter doldrums.  

As we did with the new fall season, John and I are going to check out all of the new shows (or at least all of the new shows that are available to us -- sorry, Showtime) and we'll let you know what we think of them.  
Here's what's new on TV in early 2011:
CBS has the least amount of work to do to shore up their schedule.  Every single new fall 2010 show is still in the lineup, so CBS's only new offering is the Paula Abdul dance dream reality competition confection, Live To Dance, which airs this Tuesday.
ABC has the new LOST meets Grey's Anatomy show, Off the Map, which premieres January 12.
And because ABC is turning into the all doctor drama network (with a "let's hop on the CSI bandwagon" vibe), Dana Delany's new show, Body of Proof, premieres in March.
Matthew Perry and Allison Janney return to TV in Mr. Sunshine in February with added bonus Joey actress/TV show killer Andrea Anders.  Let's hope, for Perry's sake, this show fares better than the horribly disappointing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
If you like secrets and you like millionaires, then you'll love Secret Millionaire, which appears on your TV screen in March.
NBC has a lot of work to do.  They are offering up The Cape, which is not (as I assumed) about a body of water upon which rich and beautiful people live and scheme so much as an actual article of clothing that a superhero or wizard might wear.
Harry's Law is yet another legal drama (yawn!) but this time with Oscar winner and future Emmy Best Actress nominee Kathy Bates (double yawn)!
Perfect Couples is unfortunately not the logical sequel to Perfect Strangers but a really trite looking sitcom about boring people in various stages of love.
NBC tries to jump on the reality foodie bandwagon with America's Next Great Restaurant, which will probably serve to help create a whole new generation of The Biggest Loser contestants.
FOX has a new Sunday night cartoon called Bob's Burgerswhich looks pretty much wretched.  The network is also throwing its hat into the crime drama ring with the obviously Chicago-centric, The Chicago Code.
FX is premiering the hard knocks boxing drama Lights Out, which could do well in the wake of The Fighter, on January 11.
AMC has The Killing in March.  And after Mad Men and Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead (and I guess Rubicon, though I was always more interested in the title than the actual show), yes, I will be watching.
Joey Tribbiani returns to TV in the Showtime comedy, Episodes.  Oh, and William H. Macy is Shameless.  And Showtime will try to recapture some of their The Tudors magic with The Borgias, starring Jeremy Irons.  Maybe I need to order Showtime.
Which new shows are you looking forward to?  What about returning shows?  We'll definitely be covering American Idol, but are there any other shows you'd like to see recapped on Hammervision this winter? 

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