10 Movies The Oscars Made Me Hate

I despise what the Academy Awards have done to me.  They have made me a negative, bitter old crone (more than usual).

Every year the Academy chooses a list of films that they deem worthy of praise and attention.  Every year some of my favorites are left out, and every year the Oscar race itself boils down to two or three films that some nebulous group of "experts" decides are the "frontrunners."
Inevitably, by the end of the Oscar season, I have grown to loathe at least one of the movies that I actually liked upon initial viewing.  This year my punching bag film is The King's Speech.  I liked The King's Speech very much when I first saw it.  It's a fine film, and I would have praised the heck out of it if I had seen it on PBS in 1995.  It just doesn't hold up against some of the other more innovative films in the race.  If The King's Speech wins the Academy Award this year, will we still be talking about it ten years from now?  No, we won't.
Here are some of the other fine films the jerk stores of the Academy Awards have forced me to hate over the years:


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  • It's not so much that I hate the films selected, rather, it's that I don't like the Academy for their seemingly-arbitrary criteria in what makes a good movie. Last year, South African film "White Wedding" got shortlisted from the Oscars, and I never forgave them for that. There's a lot more than meets the eye (and certainly more than the comedy), which is what gained my favor. It just came out on DVD/VoD; I highly recommend if you haven't already seen it: http://whiteweddingmovie.com/

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