24 Films of Christmas - One Week In


We've been adhering to our movie Advent calendar (if not to our promise to blog about each of the films).  After watching Christmas special after Christmas special I've come to a conclusion -- most of these movies suck.

I feel that the word "suck" applies most directly to the steaming pile of cynical corporate shilling also known as Merry Madagascar.  This little dungheap was filmed in conjunction with one of the Madagascar films, which are a pinnacle of animated awfulness in their own right.  In Merry Madagascar, it's painfully obvious that none of the actors were even necessarily on the same continent when their voices were recorded.  And the jokes are wretchedly awful.  I think Chris Rock literally just made a Mad Libs of possible jokes, delivered them in his trademark cadence, and called it a day.
Shrek the Halls is not much better, except that it is at least a Shrek movie and is by definition several levels above Madagascar.  But.  It also employs the use of the Christmas classic "Everybody Dance Now" by beloved holiday crooners C&C Music Factory.  I don't know how to explain that.
Even the adorable Prep and Landing is going full whore this year by recruiting last year's darling (and for some reason this year's Barbara Walters Fascinating Person) Betty White.  Come on, Prep and Landing!  We expect better from you.  Where's your Cloris Leachman?  Where's your Elaine Stritch?  
Hammerspawn had zero tolerance for Santa Claus: The Movie, which only proves to his mother that he has good taste.  He was OK with Elf, but kept wondering what happened to the baby in the beginning and was very concerned about the baby being reunited with his parents, which kind of proves he's not the brightest when it comes to following storylines.
Have you been watching any of the myriad Christmas specials on TV?  Do they live up to your childhood memories?  (I have to say, the animated Grinch movie totally does.)

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