Your TV Tonight - 11/4/2010

The Ratings for 'Community'

I tried to pimp Fringe and Community two weeks ago, but Fringe wasn't on and Community delivered its worst episode this season.  

So I'm going to try it again today and hope for the best.  
Tonight on Community, the Greendale gang takes on Mean Girls.  And, if this means anything at all to you, Hilary Duff guest stars. [NBC 7:00]
After a two-week baseball hiatus, Fringe returns tonight with an alternate universe episode, which means Olivia is Fauxlivia and Walter Bishop is not the lovable genius druggie he normally is.  It also, sadly, means less Pacey.  But he will show up in Olivia's hallucinations.  So there's that. [FOX 8:00]
If neither Fringe nor Community are of any use to you, then your time would be well spent checking out the first episode of The Walking Dead, which can currently be found On Demand on Comcast (and probably at various times on the AMC schedule).  The premise is very much like every other zombie movie you've ever seen (especially 28 Days Later), but the acting and the cinematography and the pacing are just brilliant.  It's an odd thing to say about a zombie program, but the show looks beautiful.  It also makes True Blood look like $#*! My Dad Says.  Check it out.  We'll be recapping the show starting this weekend. 

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