Your Night in Television - Wednesday, 11/10/2010

America's Next Top Model (CW, 7 PM) - It's the go-see episode!  Tune in to see five brilliant young women expertly spirit themselves around the foreign city of Milan.

Undercovers (NBC, 7 PM) - Why would you bother watching this? The show's already been canceled.  Plus -- Top Model!
44th Annual CMA Awards (ABC, 7 PM) - Go for the wacky red carpet country star fashion.  Stay because, well, your remote fell off the couch and you're too damn tired to retrieve it.
Law & Order: LA (NBC, 9 PM) - Oil rig intrigue.  Boring.  Where are the slain starlets and the movie studios that are just fronts for prostitution rings?
The Defenders (CBS, 9 PM) - Rapper murders!  These are the kinds of salacious cases we want from LAO:LA!

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