Your Night in Television - Tuesday, 11/09/2010

Glee (FOX, 7 PM) - The Glee kids are practicing their own brand of safe sex. Why do I sense a Family Guy rip-off?  Ear sex, anyone?

No Ordinary Family (ABC, 7 PM) - Cybill Shepherd Alert!
The Biggest Loser (NBC, 7 PM) - Spend two riveting hours watching the contestants stack sugar cubes.  (Seriously. Explain to me why this show needs to be two hours?)
NCIS: LA (CBS, 8 PM) - The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (or whatever) is fightin' terr'ists.  F*** yeah!
The Good Wife (CBS, 9 PM) - Marty McFly Alert!
Conan (TBS, 10 PM) - I guess I forgot to mention this was on last night.  Well, it's going to be on every weeknight for the foreseeable future or until George Lopez does something drastic.

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