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New Take on the Half Man/Half Woman Costume of Old: The Two Olivia Dunhams from "Fringe"

There are two shows on TV tonight that are in danger of being cancelled, and unfortunately they are two of the very best shows on television right now.

The first show is Community.  It's on at 7:00 on NBC.  So, for a change, DVR Big Bang Theory and instead watch Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, and Chevy Chase tackle religious filmmaking.  I promise you the episode will be much funnier and more interesting than that last sentence.
The second show is a harder sell, but I am not kidding you when I say that Fringe is the best drama on television right now.  It's weird and funny and thoughtful and exciting and and it features Pacey from Dawson's.  PACEY, people.  Pacey.  The Mighty Ducker himself.  And he's ten times foxier than any McDoc you'll find on Grey's.  
All you need to know to jump in tonight is that Olivia (Anna Torv) is stuck in an alternate universe.  Just go with the flow on the rest of it.  Come here with any Fringe-related questions if you have them.  We blog to serve.

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  • Good post - and a worthy cause. Though there's no new Fringe on tonight or next week due to Baseball playoffs. New episodes of Fringe start back on November 4, so be sure and catch it then!

  • Head palm. Dangit. Too overly excited to promote Fringe.

    Well, this gives people the opportunity to catch up on some Fringe episodes on Hulu. Do not miss "The Box."

  • I officially apologize for that episode of 'Community.'

    Post fail.

    Never mind me. Go back to watching '$#*! My Dad Says.'

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