The New 'Superman' - What About Lois Lane?

The new (unnecessary?) reboot of Superman has a writer (David S. Goyer) and a director (Zack Snyder of 300 fame) and a timeline (2012).  It has spawned an impassioned discussion about who should play the new Man of Steel (Jon Hamm.  Or Armie Hammer.  Or, according to some wackadoos in the comments, Jensen Ackles.  Supernatural fans be trippin'.)

But forget about who should play Superman (Jon Hamm).  Who should play his Lois Lane?  

I like my Lois Lane smart, sarcastic, and sassy with a physical build worthy of being with Superman (a la Erica Durance on Smallville).  Kate Bosworth (Lois in the most recent reboot) fit none of those criteria.  I'm really not sure how or why she got the part.  

Just for the record, I kind of like the idea of a more mature Superman and Lois Lane.  
Who's in your dream cast for the new Superman?  And while we're on the topic, who's your pick to play the villain, General Zod?


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  • I really like the Hamm-Farmiga combo.

  • In reply to Hammer:


  • In reply to Hammer:

    So apparently Warner Bros. is in a rush to get this in theaters by 2012, despite the fact that Goyer's script is a mess. The logline is that it's Clark Kent, reporter, traveling around the world debating about whether (and when) to become Superman. More of an origin tale for a 20 year-old actor. 2 things: (1) this is a terrible idea - Superman doesn't need an origin story at this point; and (2) that approach to the script means we probably won't be seeing Jon Hamm in the role. This movie went from awesome to poop in one day.

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    Hmm...Isn't this just..."Smallville?"

  • Me and Superman had a fight
    I hit him with a left and I hit him with a right
    Hit him so hard nearly busted his brain
    Now I'm datin' Lois Lane!

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