Essential Halloween TV Episode Of the Day - Freaks & Geeks "Tricks and Treats"

TV shows love holiday-themed episodes -- and so do we!  From now until Halloween we at Hammervision are highlighting a different Halloween-themed TV episode every day.

Today's Episode: Freaks & Geeks "Tricks and Treats"

The Weir children are growing up too fast for their mother, who wants them to continue their Halloween traditions of yesteryear.  She's so out of touch with modern times that she doesn't even realize it's unacceptable to disseminate unwrapped treats to the neighborhood children.  Sam decides to be a kid for one more year and go trick or treating with his friends even though they are freshmen in high school.  Lindsay ducks out of the house as fast as she can to go cruising (and pumpkin smashing and mailbox bashing) with her new friends.

Best Halloween Tip: Rich people traditionally give out the cheapest candy.  It's how they stay rich.  (Runner-up: Don't take candy from bitter hippies.  It may be laced with heroin or poop.)

*Note: Good lord this show is fabulous (I hadn't watched any Freaks & Geeks for a while).  When was it exactly that Judd Apatow forgot how to create strong, complex female characters?

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