11 Outside-the-Box Halloween Costumes - TV and Movie Edition

I recently saw a comment somewhere that the epitome of Halloween creativity this year would be showing up at a party dressed as Sue Sylvester.  This made me both proud and sad.  Proud because I went as Sue Sylvester last year, and ergo was a whole 365 days ahead of the curve; and sad because, well, I already went as Sue Sylvester last year.

If you don't want to sadden the other guests at your Halloween party this year by showing up in some costume that screams "2009," here are some suggestions for you.

What other great pop culture costumes are you planning on attempting this year?  Anyone going as the top from Inception?  Or as the security guard on The Event as portrayed by Denise's husband from The Cosby Show?  Or as the Dancing With the Stars mirror ball trophy?


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  • I'm going as Lorena in her true death outfit... BF may possibly go as Russell. =)

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