TV Review - 'The Whole Truth'

She's the D.A.  He's a defense attorney.  They secretly maybe love each other (of course they do).  Is this the modern Adam's Rib we've all been waiting for?

The Whole Truth - ABC (Wednesday 9 PM)
The Good: Both leads (Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow) are incredibly likable.  I want to see more Rob Morrow on my TV set, pronto (just not on this show).  
The Bad: This is just another lawyer show.  It's like Law & Order without the "Order," and I could see the premise getting really old really fast.  First they show us what the prosecution is working on.  Then they show things from the defense's side.  Finally, it's trial time!  Yawn!  Also, the peripheral characters are snoozy and milquetoast.
The Verdict: Guilty of being yet another boring law procedural.  I am getting really, really sick of all the procedurals.  If I have to watch another one, I am going to commit a crime, which will probably be turned into an episode for yet another law procedural.  And wouldn't that be procedural justice?
Oh, should you watch The Whole Truth?  No.  No, you should not.  Rage with me against the procedural machine.  


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