TV Review - 'Outsourced'

It's like The Office.  In India.

Outsourced - NBC (Thursday 8:30 PM)
The Good: I honestly went into watching this show with very, very low expectations, and it exceeded them.  While I didn't laugh out loud, I did find the show somewhat amusing (especially the Assistant Manager who is torn between his duty to the job and his desire for more power -- kind of Dwight-like, when you think about it) and I thought the cultural barbs flew pretty equally in both directions.  It's really refreshing to see a cast of mostly Indian actors.
The Bad: The show seems a little one-note so far.  It's a lot of "Indians do this and Americans do that and aren't we all freaks?"  It has potential to get better as the characters are given more depth.  
The Verdict: DVR it.  Don't give up on this one just yet.  Neither Community nor the fabulous and sadly missing from the fall schedule Parks and Recreation started out with great pilots.  Hopefully NBC will give this show time to figure itself out, as it did for those two shows.

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