TV Review - 'My Generation'

I don't know if you remember a little show called The Class from a few years ago.  It starred Jason Ritter and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Lucy Punch and Lizzy Caplan and that one guy who died in The Pacific.  And it was horrible.  And it was only a half hour.  My Generation is an hour-long The Class.

My Generation - ABC (Thursday 7 PM)
The Good: I love the idea, in theory, of tracking the same high school grads for 10 years to see how their lives turned out.  
The Bad: It's just too, too much.  There are too many characters.  The characters are still too connected to each other (even though most of them didn't run around in the same social circles in high school).  It's pretty obvious how everyone is going to wind up in the same place/hook up/get married/live happily ever after.  Everyone pretty much has their shit together even though they are only 28.  Almost everyone has been personally affected by the major events of the past 10 years (9/11, Enron, the Iraq War, The Bachelor).  
The Verdict: Skip it.  There's already too much good TV on Thursday nights for you to have to waste your time with this overblown ultra-serious mockumentary.  Plus, this show is so going to be cancelled by Halloween.

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