TV Review - 'Lone Star'

Lone Star - FOX (Monday, 8 PM)
I was right!  Lone Star is pretty much what would've happened if James "Sawyer" Ford had never crashed on the island and was being blackmailed by Anthony Cooper and was pulling a Bill Henrickson with the whole multiple wives thing.  Plus, it's like Dallas but set in Houston!

The Good: Lots of potential here!  The lead actor (James Wolk) is charismatic and likable.  The storyline is engaging, with one man trying to live a double life full of cons and marriages.  If the show can grab some footing (both in character development and in the ratings), this could turn into a really, really good show.

The Bad: Pretty much all of the supporting characters need to be fleshed out.  The wives are pretty much cardboard cutouts of women (including Tyra from Friday Night Lights, who now has brown hair -- to lessen her resemblance to Kate Gosselin, methinks).  The main character's father pretty much has zero redeeming qualities, and I'm not sure why his son keeps acquiescing to his demands.  The show needs to find more of a story than just "ZOMG! He's leading a double life!  Will he be caught?"
Final Verdict: DVR it.  This show is going to have lots of trouble finding an audience on jam packed Monday night, but it deserves a shot.  An evening soap opera is a nice change of pace from all the procedural dramas. 

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  • Agreed - it feels like something you'd see on basic cable (FX, AMC) than network t.v., and that's a good thing. I'd give it ***1/2 stars.

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