TV Review - 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

NBC cancelled Law & Order: Old Spice just to greenlight this show that allows for weekly "ripped from the headlines" Lindsay Lohan stories.

Law & Order: Los Angeles
When?: NBC, Wednesdays at 9 PM
The Good: There's nothing inherently wrong about this show.  It's just the ultimate procedural.  And if that's your bag, baby, then you will love LAOLA (Let's call it that just be obnoxious).  LAOLA is like Law & Order meets Entourage.  In fact, I'd love to see a crossover episode.  Get on that NBC and HBO.  Maybe as a cross promotion for the eventual Entourage feature film.
The Bad: It's just another procedural.  And you know how I feel about procedurals.  We saw absolutely no character development in the pilot.  Who are these Law folks?  What's up with Order?  I don't know.  These are just vaguely familiar actors (Seriously, I spent the first 40 minutes of the show wondering where Skeet Ulrich was only to be told that, hello, he had been present on my screen since around minute five) given lines to say about solving crimes and being lawyers.  Yawn.  Plus.  No Terrence Howard in this episode.  I was promised Terrence Howard.  And it looks like next week, Alfred Molina will be taking the week off.  What gives, LAOLA?  Will we only get to see Djay and Doc Ock team up for sweeps in November?
The Verdict: Watch it if you want.  Or don't.  I don't care.  Frankly, you could do a lot worse.  

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