TV Review - 'Blue Bloods'

Another crime drama (that pulled in 13 million viewers...on a FRIDAY!), but with a family slant.

Blue Bloods - CBS (Friday 9 PM)
The Good: Magnum P.I., NKOTB's Donnie, and Tom Brady's baby mama.  The cast is pretty darn good.  This show is certainly better than most of the new programs this year.  The premise is interesting (three generations of law enforcers in one family) and adds a little something extra to a show that literally could've become just another crime drama.  There are some interesting plot lines creeping up after the first episode -- The young son is joining some special ops group this his dead brother used to belong to, Donnie is all about the police brutality, the patriarch of the family (Tom Selleck's father) is totally going to kick the bucket during November sweeps.  
The Bad: The pilot was a little overly melodramatic.  Did the missing girl really have to be a diabetic on top of being, well, missing?  Though I guess it created the sense of urgency that caused Donnie to snap and dunk the suspects head in a toilet bowl.  
Verdict: DVR it and watch it on Saturday while you're recovering from Friday.

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