TV Review - 'Better With You'

This new laugh track-infused comedy on ABC about three couples in various stages of their romantic relationships was actually a little bit better than expected.

Better With You - ABC (Wednesday 7:30 PM)
The Good: The cast is really quite good, especially the guy who plays Ben (AKA the male half of the unmarried couple who have been together for nearly a decade).  Jennifer Finnigan, who plays his partner, seems to have dropped whatever annoying voice she used to sport earlier in her career.  There are some interesting-ish characters here.
The Bad: The constant relationship comparisons get old really fast.  We get it.  One couple is rushing into a marriage after less than two months.  One couple has chosen not to get married (though neither of them seem totally convinced that they've made the right decision).  And one couple have been together for decades and pretty much barely tolerate the other's existence.  All of the relationships, to this point, seem pretty stereotypical. This is a sitcom that breaks no new ground.
What happened to Debra Jo Rupp's face?  Yikes.
The Verdict: I went into watching this show fully prepared to hate it, but I will give this one another chance, just to see if it improves at all.  I'd say, don't worry about DVR-ing this one.  Just watch it if you happen to catch it.

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  • I liked the parents. And the guy in the "valid life choice" couple, but there was alot of slapstick and overacting going on, which was a turn off. Also, the little sister who gets engaged/pregnant had pretty much the exact same character and story line in the show Reba - she announces she's pregnant in the pilot, is a ditz, and is dating a total idiot. So, she should be pretty comfortable in this role. I don't see this one making it unless it shifts its focus to the parents - the dad was pretty funny.

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