Project Runway Recap: Poison Ivy

Grrr...Ivy is the worst (The title of my post is not so much a description, but a request).  How is she still in the competition after the Amish show choir outfit she sent down the runway?  Quick!  A palate cleanser to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth.
Mondo and Turtle
Aaah.  There you go.
Yes, my friends.  Someone finally appreciates the randomly maligned Turtle (AKA Michael C.)  And of course that person is the loner Mondo.  It's a love story for the ages.  One to rival Tim Gunn and Andrae even.
Tonight's little challenge was actually a very interesting one.  It started out rather boring (Look, designers!  Here's a great American designer!  Don't get too excited.  You've seen him before.  It's Kors again.  He hosts a challenge every season.  Now jump on this boat and eat cheese.  You're going to design resort wear!)  But the twist!  Ah, the twist!  For this challenge, each designer was paired up (via the super scary and frightening velvet tasseled bag) with a partner who would act as seamstress for the day.
The pairs seemed to have been divvied up in the manner most likely to evoke conflict.  Gretchen was given Casanova (to whom she gave very explicit and LARGELY DRAWN instructions because, as 'Nova put it, she thinks he's a retard -- his words, not mine).  Andy got Valerie, who's never sewn a swimsuit before.  Christopher got April (this was actually a match made in Design Heaven).  Mondo got Turtle, who nobody thought knew anything even though he's won, like, eight challenges already.  And Ivy the Bitch got poor Michael D., who actually doesn't know how to sew apparently.  (So much misdirected anger at Michael C. when it maybe should've been sent toward the other Michael instead.)
Most of the pairs ended up working pretty well together, though (Fie on you, conflict-seeking producers!). Things started out rocky for Turtle and Mondo, who just assumed he'd have a complete train wreck on his hands, based on Turtle's lack of traditional sewing ability.  But what Mondo quickly discovered was that Turtle is not only a great guy, but he's a hard worker who is willing to learn.  Mondo admitted he was a jerk and the two became BFFAEAEAE.
On the Runway, the designers were judged for only their designs, not their sewing ability.  So there was a little drama...

I disagreed with the judges on a few cases this week.  I would've kept Mondo out of the bottom and put Valerie there instead.  Or whatever.  I guess both designs were not great.  I wasn't loving Michael D.'s design, and I would've preferred to see Gretchen or Christopher in the top instead.  But then there would've been less drama on the Runway, so I guess the producers knew what they were doing...

I am very much looking forward to next week's episode when Tim Gunn utters the line, "Jackie Kennedy would not have camel toe."
What did you think of the episode?  I'm finding myself more and more excited about Project Runway each week.  This show is fantastic.  It has more layers than LOST.

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