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TV Review - 'My Generation'

I don’t know if you remember a little show called The Class from a few years ago.  It starred Jason Ritter and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Lucy Punch and Lizzy Caplan and that one guy who died in The Pacific.  And it was horrible.  And it was only a half hour.  My Generation is an... Read more »

TV Review - 'The Whole Truth'

She’s the D.A.  He’s a defense attorney.  They secretly maybe love each other (of course they do).  Is this the modern Adam’s Rib we’ve all been waiting for? The Good: Both leads (Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow) are incredibly likable.  I want to see more Rob Morrow on my TV set, pronto (just not on... Read more »

TV Review - The Defenders ("Pilot")

  THE DEFENDERS Airs: Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS Genre: Legal Dramedy The Set-Up: Two slick defense attorneys take on clients and try cases in Las Vegas.  Nick Morelli (James Belushi) is a divorced dad.  Pete Kaczmarek (Jerry O’Connell) is sleeping with a prosecutor (Dirty Sexy Money’s Natalie Zea). The Good: Belushi and O’Connell are likeable... Read more »

TV Review - Undercovers ("Pilot")

UNDERCOVERS Airs: Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC Genre: Spy action comedy The Set-Up: 5 years after falling in love on the job and retiring, a married couple (Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Kodjoe) are reactivated as CIA agents to locate an old chum and, you know, save the world.  Lots of sexpionage ensues.  But what’s the... Read more »

TV Review - 'Better With You'

This new laugh track-infused comedy on ABC about three couples in various stages of their romantic relationships was actually a little bit better than expected. The Good: The cast is really quite good, especially the guy who plays Ben (AKA the male half of the unmarried couple who have been together for nearly a decade).... Read more »

The Casting Couch: Jon Hamm as Superman

  Last week, the gossip mill was a-swirling with rumors (again) that Jon Hamm would be cast as the Man of Steel in the David Goyer-scripted, Chris Nolan-supervised reboot of Superman that’s currently in pre-production.  Even Regis and Kelly got in on it, asking Hamm about the rumor when he was on their show promoting The Town.  No word yet... Read more »

How 'American Idol' Screwed the Pooch

Way back in the innocent days of the early Aughts, America turned itself away from Serious News Stories and decided to focus on a little talent show that aired on FOX.  The show featured a dozen of rough talents, some not suited to serenade you at your local dive bar.  The affair was hosted by... Read more »

TV Review - 'Raising Hope' and 'Running Wilde'

Good news, America!  Outlaw is no longer the funniest new comedy of the season!  That distinction belongs to… …Raising Hope. The Good: The cast is fabulous (Yay, Martha Plimpton! Always good to see a Goonie getting work).  The jokes are edgy and fresh.  But it’s not cynical.  There’s a lot of heart in this show,... Read more »

TV Review - Detroit 1-8-7 ("Pilot")

DETROIT 1-8-7 Airs: Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC Genre: Crime drama The Set-Up: A group of detectives in Detroit Police Department’s homicide division investigate murders and catch criminals.   The Good: Detroit is an underutilized, gritty setting for a police procedural.  The constant handheld camera work gives the show an unpolished, rough-around-the-edges look that works... Read more »

TV Review - 'Lone Star'

I was right!  Lone Star is pretty much what would’ve happened if James “Sawyer” Ford had never crashed on the island and was being blackmailed by Anthony Cooper and was pulling a Bill Henrickson with the whole multiple wives thing.  Plus, it’s like Dallas but set in Houston! The Good: Lots of potential here!  The lead... Read more »