Movie Essentials: 2000

Millennium!  As Conan O'Brien might say, "In the Year 2000..."  This year, George Bush ultimately beat out Al Gore for the Presidency, and "hanging chad" became a well-known term.  Hillary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate representing New York.  Tiger Woods became the youngest player ever to win a Grand Slam in golf.  Concerns over Y2K computer malfunctions proved worthless.  AOL and Time Warner merged.  51 million viewers watched the first season finale of Survivor.  NSync had a 2.4 million debut with No Strings Attached.  Madonna married Guy Ritchie.  U2 scored with "Beautiful Day."  Oops.  Britney did it again.  CSI and Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered, while the original Beverly Hills 90210 finally graduated from television screens.
Hot off of one of the greatest movie years in recent memory, 2000 was a bit of a letdown in theaters, though no short of essential picks.  I'll remember this year fondly because during the summer, I interned for Ebert & Roeper at the Movies - that's when Roeper was named permanent co-host in the wake of Siskel's death.  I even got to watch a movie with Ebert: The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, which will not be making this list.
Honorable mention should go to American Psycho, Billy Elliott, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Frequency, Pitch Black, and Meet the Parents.  Other notable films in 2000 include Cast Away, What Women Want, X-Men, What Lies Beneath, The Perfect Storm, Bring It On, Boiler Room, Dancer in the Dark, Miss Congeniality, Bamboozled, Nurse Betty, Wonder Boys, and Chicken Run.  And here are your Essentials:


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  • Only one thing to say: "We're a pair of queens. We win!"

  • Generally a great list. I am completely on board with, in particular Almost Famous, Momento and High Fidelity which are some of my all-time favorites that I have watched (and loved) repeatedly over the years. I would however, pull Unbreakable and Requiem for a dream in favor of Sexy Beast and Wonder Boys. Particularly Sexy Beast in which Ben Kingsley may be the best evil mob enforcer ever. I'd want to find a place for "Amores Perros" as well, but it would be a #11 after the others and wouldn't push anyone out of the list.

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