'Mike & Molly' and Set Design Stereotypes

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In the wee hours of the morning, I received this email from a friend I'll refer to as "Quartus:"

If you ever write about Mike and Molly again, be sure to mention that they have one of those heinous umbrella rack pieces of furniture just like the winslows have in family matters--apparently something set designers want us to believe is an essential element to the homes of chicago cops. 

thank you for posting a photo as i would otherwise never have learned that and thank you for reinforcing my inclinations to never watch this show.

Quartus has a good point.  I've lived in Chicago for, well, several decades and I have never seen a giant umbrella stand in anyone's home.  Yet, set designers for some reason think this is an essential piece of furniture in every Chicagoan's abode. (I think PJ in My Boys had an umbrella stand, too, but I can't find photographic proof of this at the moment).  Also, apparently everyone in Chicago always wants to listen to Blues music.  No matter what. Not a set design thing, but that one's always bothered me.

What other set design stereotypes (Chicago-related, or otherwise) have you noticed in TV and movies?


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  • On Mike & Molly at Nana's house there are 'gold records' on the wall behind the couch - Who do they belong to ?????

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