Fall TV Preview - The Week Hammervision May Implode from TV Consumption

Hawaii Five-0 CBS (Monday, 9 PM)

It's TV Hell Week this week.  There are no fewer than 16 new shows on this week, including 5 on Monday and 4 on Wednesday (that's not to mention all the returning shows and continuing shows).  I hope our DVRs are up to the task.

So, if we survive it all with our mental faculties in tact, we will be bringing you reviews of each of the 16 new shows.  Hopefully they will all be better than Outlaw.  Xenu help us if they're not.
Here are my very pessimistic thoughts about what I'm forcing myself to watch this week:
That's it!  Phew!  
Which new shows this week are you most looking forward to?  Which returning shows are you most excited about (Me? 30 Rock)?

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