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For the last 4 seasons, ever since Vince landed Aquaman in Season 2, Entourage has been spinning its wheels.  Nothing bad ever happened and, if it did, it wouldn't last long.  The writers would touch upon an interesting angle and then resolve it by episode's end.  What's that?  Vince can't seem to find a job?  Martin Scorsese will cast him in his next movie!  Each season provided the same story.  The same jokes.  Drama's an egotistical jackass.  Vince beds a lot of ladies.  Ari gets mad at Lloyd.

I still watched though because I love the movie industry and Entourage always provides a certain kind of lifestyle porn.  But this season was different.  It started out like the same old-same old, and then something must have struck a nerve in the writers' room midway through the season.  Vince started dating porn-star Sasha Grey.  E started to settle down with Sloan, and his relationship with Vince cooled considerably.  Ari faced a massive fall-out from work by not promoting Lizzie Grant, and then having all of his tape-recorded tirades leaked to the public - hurting him both professionally and where it hurts him most - Ari's one weak spot - his wife.  Vince developed a cocaine habit.  Vince spiraled downward.  
Rather than tie everything neatly up in a bow, the season finale (which aired this past Sunday) left us dangling.  Ari's wife is leaving him.  Vince gets beat up at a club and then the cops find a stash of cocaine on him.  Things are not good in Hollywood right now for the "boys" and I couldn't be happier.  I'd go so far as to say this, its seventh, is Entourage's strongest season yet.  The drama is high.  Sure, Turtle had things work out with his tequila business in the end (thanks to a $5 mil gift from Mark Cuban), and Drama has a new pilot (granted, an animated one), but I give props to creator Doug Ellin and his writers for finally doing what they should have all along: create emotionally rich, character-driven stories about the excess of Hollywood - how it brings some down, and raises others up.
If Entourage does call it quits on television after next season, only to branch out into feature films a la Sex and the City, the timing couldn't be better.  I thought the show was played out, but it definitely still has some life in it.  In a summer dominated by the buzz surrounding HBO's own True Blood, Entourage has stood out as the network's true must-see television show of the season.  Well done, guys.

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