16 Questions About Mad Men - 'Hands and Knees'

Mad Men Joan and Roger

1. So you totally called that, did you not?

I'm not sure to what you are referring.  
2. That Joan was pregnant and that Don is totally going to marry Megan?
I just wanted to hear you say it.
3. So first Joan.  Do you think she went through with the abortion?
I'm not sure.  I'm thinking the fact that we didn't see any aftermath/recovery or anything is telling.  This is a woman who has been wanting to have a baby for some time now (granted, she's been wanting to have it with her husband who could be killed or maimed in Vietnam).  I just don't see her getting rid of the baby that easily, even if it could create problems for her and Roger's marriages.  Plus, I don't think Joan liked having the same problem as a 15-year-old.  OK.  I've convinced myself.  She totally didn't have the abortion.  That would've been too neat and tidy a conclusion to this storyline, which certainly would produce more drama if allowed to play out...um...naturally.
4. What do you think is going to happen to Joan and Roger and Dr. Rapist and Little Wifey Secretary in the end?
Joan will have the baby.  Dr. Rapist will come home injured, and she'll have to take care of both the husband and Roger's baby as long as they all shall live.  Roger will just trade in Jane for a younger model when she turns 30.  
5. Let's move on to someone else, like Lane?
Lane, who always seemed so square, is suddenly going through a bit of a rebellious time since his wife refused to come back to New York for him.  He's a member of the Playboy Club.  He's dating a "Chocolate Bunny," with whom he has fallen in love.  He's drinking like he's Don Draper.  But he's still not fully independent.

6. What do you mean?
All it took was a visit (and a slap in the face) from Daddy to get him back on that plane to England to work things out with his wife.
7. So Lane has daddy issues?
Definitely.  I'm not quite sure what this man has over Lane, other than physical domination, but it seems to be working.  Also, I really wish they would've cast Richard Harris' Dumbledore replacement, Michael Gambon, to play Lane's father, but that's just the Harry Potter geek in me.
8. So Lane has gone back to England, just like that?
Just like that.  And he left at, well, not the best time.  SCDP is going to need a hardcore business manager right about now.  Things are, shall we say, not going well.

9. What happened?
Well, first of all, Lucky Strike is probably leaving.  They want to move all of their business to one ad firm and SCDP is not that firm.  Roger bought some time, but probably for naught.  Roger kept this info to himself, though, so no one else knows how much Duck's poop is about to hit the fan.
10. OK, so Lucky Strike is leaving.  That's not insurmountable, is it?
I was told there would be no math required for this recap, so I'm not sure.  But I do know that Pete having to drop the $4 million North American Aviation account is not good news any way you look at it.
11. Pete had to drop it?  Why?
Because of the government getting all up in Don Draper's...uh...Dick Whitman's business.  Pete was super excited that the SCDP folks would have to get security clearance from the Department of Defense in order to work on this account.  Because Pete has always wanted to be a super spy.  But what he neglected to remember was that one of his partners in SCDP had some things he was hiding from the government.  And when a couple of G-men showed up at Betty Francis' door asking questions about Don, well, Don had a shit fit.
12. Don lost it?
Hard core.  He had panic attacks.  He developed a fever.  He thought he was having a heart attack. He told his deepest darkest secrets to Dr. Faye Miller.  And he begged Pete to drop the account so that he would no longer have to be questioned by the government.
13. And Pete did that?  For Don?
He did.  He wasn't super happy about it, but Pete took the fall (and a lot of verbal abuse from Roger).  I'm thinking Pete is going to be OK with Don owing him one.
14. And Don?  Is he going to jail?
Nope.  His application didn't even raise any red flags.  He would've been home free and his business would've been $4 million richer.  
15. But now things are all coming together for Don, right?  On a personal level?  He's communicating better with Betty.  He has Faye.  He's going to see The Beatles with Sally.
Um...well...yes, he and Betty are less angry at each other, which is delovely.  And he's taking Sally to The Beatles to buy her love.  But, it seems now that he has opened his soul to Dr. Faye Miller, he has no more use for her.  He's seems to have noticed Megan and her simple nurturing ways.  Sorry, Faye.  Your services are no longer needed.
16. Anything else?
Loved the reference to the "rabbit test" in this episode.  Loved Trudy Campbell's feathery maternity baby doll nightie.  I need to get me one of those.  I loved how cool Lane's father seemed with Lane's new girlfriend.  It seemed that he was against the relationship, not because of the color of the girl's skin, but only because he wanted Lane to work things out with his family.  Progress, at least in the UK.  
What did you think of "Hands and Knees?"  Where do you think the rest of the season is headed?  Do you think hooking up with Megan would be a step in the right direction for Don, or would it be, to quote Gob Bluth, "a huge mistake?"

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