14 Questions About Mad Men - 'The Beautiful Girls'

1. What's so funny?

Mad Men!  It's the most hilarious comedy on TV right now, after Outlaw.  
2. Really?  Mad Men?
Yes!  So many darkly hilarious office hijinks in the vein of the lawnmower incident from last season.   
3. Do tell.
Well, of course, the funniest lines and moments came from the fabulous Miss Blankenship. Her two best lines: (To Peggy) "It's a business of sadists and masochists, and you know which one you are."  And, while engaging in mutual crossword puzzling with Cooper (who has absolutely nothing of substance to do anymore at that office), she admonishes him for thinking that a three letter word for "Bird" starts with an "L."  "Like hell it does."
4. Good thing we'll always have Miss Blankenship around for comic relief, right?  Right?!?
5. What?
Um...She died.
6. Come again?
Miss Blankenship.  One second Don was heading one of her comments off at the pass and the next second Peggy was finding her lifeless corpse slumped over her desk.
7. That's not funny.
It was kind of funny.  Especially seeing Pete (who literally did not appear in another second of the episode) help Joan wheel her away from her desk, covered only by Harry's mother's afghan.
8. How did SCDP react to the death of such an institution around the office?
Lane had nothing to say because he was nowhere to be found.  Don was appropriately aggrieved.  Cooper took charge of the obit.  And Roger, of course, brought it all back around to him and how he didn't want to die in the office, wah wah wah.  The ladies in the office (particularly Joan) seemed tacitly concerned that this sad office death could one day be their own fates.  A fate that included no family to speak of.

9. How did Joan handle it?
She jumped Roger's brittle old bones immediately after getting mugged.  Sort of her own "Carpe Avum (Seize the Grandfather)."  Both of them were feeling lonely.  Jane was in the Hamptons for the weekend, which was just tragic for him.  And Joan's husband had just found out that he was going to be sent to Vietnam immediately after basic training.
10. What was going on in Don's world?  
Don got a surprise visitor at the office -- Miss Sally Draper.  She had escaped from the clutches of Carla and found her way (via train) to SCDP.  She wants to move in with her daddy.  He can't handle having her there without a female presence to help him with the difficult moments.
11.  Who was filling that role this time?
Dr. Faye "No Child Psychology" Miller, who has turned into quite the smitten kitten for Don Draper.  She wasn't a total disaster as far as the babysitting experiment went, but she didn't pass with flying colors either.
12. Do you see this relationship lasting?
I do not.  Remember how Dr. Faye Miller told Don in the beginning of the season that he'd be married by the end of the year?  I think *wildly speculative speculation coming* that Don is going to end up with...Megan the SCDP receptionist.  She's filling in as Don's temp secretary and she seemed to be the one most able to handle Sally's crises.  
13. Who else? What about Peggy?
She's back to hanging out with the pretentious artists and writers.  Writer-guy Abe is so enlightened that he would boycott a company for not hiring African American workers, but he refuses to see that Peggy and other women have basically been going through the same thing for years.  So he wrote an article about Peggy's stance and he's totally going to publish it and she's totally going to get in trouble.
14. Anything else?
The lovesick ladies (Peggy, Joan, and Dr. Faye Miller) taking the elevator downstairs together?  It would be nice to see some of the women around the office (especially the powerful ones) engage in some friendly-type behavior.  They could use the companionship.
Oh, and Joan is totally knocked up now.  Obviously.
What did you think of the episode?  How much are you loving Mad Men this season?  Any favorite Blankenship moments (besides the one time she was The Karate Kid's mom) as we send the old hellcat off into the great beyond?

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