True Blood Recap: Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

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Everyone is lying to everybody in Bon Temps.  That's pretty much what it came down to in this little episode that was low on action and high on setup for a hopefully action packed final few hours.  Crystal is lying to Jason.  The High Priestess of Vampire Politics thinks Eric is lying to her.  Arlene is lying to Terry.  Jesus is probably lying to Lafayette (Why not?).  At least Sookie and Bill are normal.

The Vamps: Eric is still in trouble, as he's been all season.  I don't like Eric in trouble and behind the eight ball.  I like Eric when he's crafty and taking charge.  Eric, fresh off his sexy murder of Talbot, showed up back at Fangtasia to find Pam and to drag her into hiding with him.  But their plan to escape was foiled by Nan Flannigan and her goons.  They had a few questions for Eric. 

Word got around to the extremely power hungry and political Nan that the Magister had gone missing.  So she showed up at Fangtasia to question Eric about his involvement in the disappearance of JJ from Big Love.  Eric did the right thing and told her the truth about his past with Russell and the werewolves and the fact that he wanted to kill Russell by his own hand.  Nan was all, "Nice story, but it has the distinct odor of a bull's waste product."  She left the legal stuff to the guys back at the vampire police laboratory so she could head off to Oregon to shill for Vampire Rights Amendment votes.

Eric then told Pam about the whole Talbot incident, and she got a little miffed that he'd kept all these secrets from her.  I mean, what were they talking about over the past century if not about how werewolves, who were hopped up on V, murdered his entire family?  Anyway, Eric feels his days are numbered, and he told Pam that she needs to think about making herself a baby vampire of her very own in case he gets murdered.  Whom do you think Pam will turn into a vampire?  Tara?  Hoyt?  Andy?  Someone we've never met before?

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