True Blood Recap: Sexual Healing

My Mad Men recap is going to be late, late, late; but in the meantime, feel free to reminisce with me over the reunited cousins, donkey-carcass-eating hillbillies, and vampire fornicators of True Blood.

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This season of True Blood, every good episode has been followed by a mediocre episode.  So, I guess what I'm saying is that I'm looking forward to next week's sure-to-be good episode. 

With each week the peripheral storylines get less and less interesting, so let's just focus on the vampire vs. werewolf saga, shall we?

Sookie Hearts Bill FOREVER!!!!1!: (Though, the episode didn't start out that way.)  Sookie and Bill had their big breakup scene in the hospital tonight (complete with the cheesy soap opera music that was so prevalent during this episode).  Sookie wants a normal life.  Bill wants Sookie to have a normal life.  Bill can't give Sookie a normal life.  So there ya go.  Buh-bye. 

If only. (I so love broken up Bill and Sookie better than moony-lovey Bill and Sookie).  Sookie mooned over Bill by looking through her Sookie and Bill scrapbook, which contained only one picture.  Then she tried to celebrate her freedom from vampire love by spending some time in the sun.  One's tan must suffer mightily while dating the undead!

Bill spent his newly single life playing the Jackie Chan to Jessica's Jaden Smith.  He was going to kick his baby vamp out of the house, but thought better of it and turned her into a ginger killing machine.  Bill has the chance to be the parent to Jessica that Lorena never was to him.  Let's hope those two can work it out.

Sookie decided to play the martyr and wait for Russell at her own house.

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