True Blood Recap - Dead and Deader

People died last night.  Gruesomely.  Unceremoniously.  But not Tara.  Tara lives to overact another day.  

The death toll rose sharply with this episode.  We lost two old vampire acquaintances, one new werewolf friend, and any lingering interest in either the Jason or the Sam storylines. 

Here's how it all went down:

Sookie + Bill = 4-NEVER: For the first time all season, the show took a pretty narrow focus, and spent most of its time on the Bill/Sookie/death shed story.  We opened with Lorena's canines sunk deep into Sookie's alabaster neck.  Lorena commented that Sookie tastes different - better - than most other humans, and she could see what Bill sees in Sookie.  But instead of accepting the nice compliment about his girlfriend, Bill ordered Sookie to stab Lorena through the heart.  She did.  And now I won't be eating red Jell-O again for a very long time.

Bill passed out immediately after Lorena bit it, but luckily Alcide and Tara drove up just in time to help Sookie roll Bill up in a tarp for a long ride in the back of a truck.  Also lucky was that Tara was all hopped up on V, so she possessed the super-strength necessary to tackle a gun-wielding Debbie and throw Bill into the back of the truck using only her pinky finger. 

Speaking of Debbie, she just pops up in all the wrong places at all the wrong times, doesn't she?  We learned a little bit more about this character today.  We learned that she was desperate to have Alcide's werewolf babies, but he was reluctant to spawn.  We also learned that she hates Alcide right now because he's a Blood Traitor, to use a Harry Potter-ism.  We also learned that she's not a big fan of when her ex-boyfriend shoots and kills her new boyfriend, which is what happened.  RIP, Coot.

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