Project Runway Recap: You Can Leave Your Hat On

First, can we discuss how much Austin Scarlett looks like Peter Scolari in Bosom Buddies?  It's uncanny.  I will try to get a picture next week.  

But enough about that Austin and Santino show that I've never watched.  Let's get to the Runway!






Tonight the designers were asked to design an outfit that complemented one of Philip Treacy's hats/works of art/headgear no one would ever wear out of the house except to and English wedding or the Kentucky Derby.  Everyone was given one day and $150 to complete their look.  Some of them were inspired.  Some of them were not.  

Let's look, shall we?

I am loving the 1.5 hour format because it really allows for a lot of extra time for bitching and for some real personality to ooze out.  Like, we all knew after last week that Gretchen was a pompous bitch; but did you also know, so is Michael D.!  And Ivy is a sniveling weasel (much like Peter Pettigrew) who likes to suck up to whomever she senses has the power (in this case PR's Voldemort, Gretchen)?

During the 1.5 hour show, however, we really don't need or want to spend much time with the personality-free models, especially when none of the designers ever plans to switch girls.  I mean, even Peach, who wants to claw her model's eyes out with the sharp points in her Philip Treacy hat, stuck with her girl.  These people do not want to do any boat rocking.

What did you think of the big show?  Now that boring Kristin is gone, who's next on the chopping block?  Two time Bottom Dwellers April and Casanova?  Crybaby AJ?  Who else is looking forward to the drama of a group project next week?  

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  • I agree about the 1.5 hour show. My favorite part is all the hotel room bitching that goes on. I'm going to confess that I did not get Michael D's look. I thought it looked like cardboard stapled together. I liked the architecture approach he took, mimicing the lines, but I really did not think it was good.

    Next week is team week, which is where the battle lines get drawn...there is a 100% chance that people will be on a team with someone they hate and they will fight and carry that anger with them until the end of the show. I can't wait!

  • In reply to Ashby:

    I don't know if it's due to the 1.5 hour show and the fact that they have more time, but the bitchiness levels are off the charts this season! I love it. We're getting to know the personalities pretty well at this point. It makes it much easier to decide whom to like and whom to hate. I hate having to think too much on Thursdays. Exercising the cerebrum is Tuesday stuff.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    Is Austin Scarlet related to Barbara Billingsley?

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