Project Runway Recap: Plush Puppies Must DIE!

Death to Plush Puppies

I absolutely loved how excited Uncle Tim was about last night's runway show.  He was positively giddy, running around praising everyone and talking about his preference for wooly animal balls.  It was the most adorable moment of reality TV of the week.

But I guess the most important notion that came out of this week's Project Runway show was this: Gretchen, you a bitch.  My goodness.  Apparently, having the winning design two weeks in a row turns you into some reality television Frankenstein monster made partly of Tim Gunn's wisdom, Danielle Staub's delusion, Kate Gosselin's smugness, and Angelo-from-Top-Chef's desire to "help" his fellow contestants.  Monster Gretchen must be stopped.

Today's challenge was one of those "here's some shit; make a dress out of it" challenges.  The designers were dropped in the middle of Happy Birthday Hell (AKA a store called Party Glitters) and told they would have to design a look using only materials found in the store.  Uncle Tim also warned that they should avoid cloth-like fabrics such as tablecloths because the judges think they're boring.  Casanova, of course, "didn't" "understand," and bought only tablecloths and adorable stuffed animals that he could turn into a cheap Cruella de Vil stole.

Most of the other designers had very good days.  It was honestly one of the best runway shows we've been privy to in pretty much decades.  Tim was so excited, he nearly busted a wooly animal ball.
What did you think of the show?  Are you rooting for anyone yet (I'm seriously warming up to Turtle)?  
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  • This episode was great. I love the eps when they have to make clothes out of random stuff. Your recap is great, as always, but you left out my favorite part of the show - Michael Kors' repeated use of the phrase "crotch fringe." Died laughing. Also, for me this was the week of shifting feelings on people. Gretchen revealed herself to be an unsolicited-advice-giving-know-it-all, blind to the fact that everyone else wanted to strangle her. Then, I started to like Sarah, whereupon she was promptly sent home - wrongly, of course. They kept Casonova, despite his regular presence in the bottom three and A.J. who failed miserably at a challenge designed for him.

    The judges were off this week, I liked Gretchens outfit, but I don't think making a sparky skirt out of garland is nearly as impressive as the napkin dresses. It was cool, but what happened to awarding points for difficulty?

    I agree with you on Turtle, starting to love him - and I think he deserved to win this week, even over the Bridesmaid. His dress was floor-length, gorgeous, and really well made. I also can't help liking wallflower and Mr. "nobody likes me," Mondo.

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