'Mad Men' Recap - 16 Questions About 'Christmas Comes But Once a Year'


1. Let's get right down to it.  What is the hold this Glen character has over the Draper ladies?

Right?  It's like The Graduate, except this graduate just got out of kindergarten.
2. What's your take on Glen's "intentions?"
Hmm...He's very hard to read.  Is he wooing Sally as a way to get back at Betty?  Does he genuinely feel for Sally and he's trying to help her out?  Is he just doing this for fun?  It's hard to tell what his motivation is, and there's nothing scarier than a motivated child.  That's why our schools today are working so hard to kill the spirits of our children.
3. Topical.
You're welcome.
4. And, so, last week was Thanksgiving.  But this time they jumped all the way to Christmas.  What gives?
At this rate it will be 1982 by the end of the season.
5. But how awesome will it be to see Sally dressed up like a Xanadu-era Olivia Newton-John and Betty rocking a Joan Collins turban?
Totally awesome.  I don't see Don making it to 1982, though.
6. Why not?
He's drinking constantly now.  He's overworked and over-stressed.  He can barely get his keys in the door.  Good thing that girl who got shot in the head on Grey's Anatomy was there to help him get to his bed.
7. What?  He'll be fine.  All he has to do is get married to some bimbo just like that crackpot psychologist/market researcher told him he needed to.
Oh, that lady with her tests and her sassiness.  She'll be the recipient of a Don Draper Finger Bang™ in no time.  
8. How about the rest of the Sterling Cooper Draper Price crew?  How were their Christmases stacking up?
Oh, you know, same old same old.  Except that Lane the party pooper wanted to scale down the party to a glass of gin and a box of Velveeta.  That's not how you get another classic Christmas party where a secretary runs over someone's foot with a John Deere lawn mower.
9. I heard that a Sterling Cooper friend of old was going to make a return this episode? [Fingers crossed] Ken Cosgrove.  Ken Cosgrove.  Ken Cosgrove.
Nope, sorry.  It was just Joel Murray, AKA Freddy the Former Drunk.  
10. Aw.  How's he doing?
Pretty well, actually.  He's working the Program, and it's working for him.  It even landed him a big $2 million client (Ponds Cold Cream) that he brought along to SCDP.  Of course, he's still set in his old fashioned ways, which annoys Peggy to no end.  Freddy assumes all women want to get married, but Peggy argues that she's too much of a liberated woman for that nonsense.  But really, she does want to get married, too.  So much so that she's playing hard to get with her dweeb boyfriend.  He thinks she's a virgin, but we all know that train sailed a long time ago.
11. Anything else of interest happen at the party?
Roger felt obligated to invite the firm's biggest client to the party.  This client spent most of his time at the party seeing how many buttons he could push on Roger.  He even got Roger in a Santa suit.  And Roger had to endure Harry sitting on his lap to get his picture taken.  It wasn't all a loss for Roger, though, he did get to see Joan in her red dress that makes her look like a present.  The big stuff happened after the party, though, as it always does.
12. Yeah, what was that?
Don forgot his keys at the office.  He tried to get into Grey's Anatomy girl's apartment, but she wasn't home.  So he called his office and his secretary Allison offered to bring the keys to his apartment.  He came on to her.  And at first she didn't like it, but then she was like, "Wait.  This is Jon Hamm.  As in Jon Hamm's John Ham.  I gotta not blow this moment."  And she gave in, as they all do.
13. That had to be awkward the next day.
It sure was.  Don didn't even acknowledge their couch sexing.  He only gave Allison a generic card containing her Christmas bonus.  And as you well know, that always makes a person feel more like a prostitute and less like a girlfriend.
14. How did Allison take it?
Like a good little '60s secretary, she went right back to work.  It's what Joanie taught them all to do in SCDP training camp.  
15. Or maybe she was writing a letter of resignation?
Maybe.  But, no.
16. What's happening next week?
Your guess is as good as mine.

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