True Blood Recap

True Blood is back, baby.  Here's a link to my recap over at  And an excerpt.

On tonight's episode of True Blood, everyone let their true natures take over.  Sookie did what comes naturally to her, meaning she didn't leave well enough alone when Bill told her he never wanted to see her again.  Jason continued his quest for meaning (and a little bit of notoriety).  Sam gave in to every single person he came into contact with.  And Tara once again put herself in harm's way.

Let me give you the details quickly before the full moon rises, my eyes start to turn red, and I need to jet.

The Sookie Saga: Poor Sookie.  First Bill dumps her by informing her that he just "made love (so that's what you call it)" to Lorena.  Then she has to spend the entire night in the presence of the foxiest werewolf since Remus Lupin AND get a kickass makeover from Alcide's sister Janice.  Girl has it rough. 

Of course, Sookie chose to focus on the negative rather than the positive.  The negative being Bill.  It's always Bill.  She doesn't believe for one minute that Bill could ever possibly consider leaving her unless he was being held against his will.  Alcide wisely told her to forget about him because no matter how much you love somebody, they can always turn around and kick you right in the nut sack.  Sookie informed him that her body is sans nut sack, and then she cuddled up to the (warm) werewolf and spent the night stroking his superfluous fur and listening to his dreamy growls.

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