True Blood Recap - Wake Me When Lafayette's on Screen

You know it's not going to be a good True Blood episode when half the show is focused alternately on Tara's reaction shots and Sam's family.  My recap from

An excerpt:

So this was the episode of True Blood where really nothing interesting happened.  Most of the episode was spent in the company of Tara and Sam, and you know that no good can come from that.  Oh, and Jason was relegated buffoonery once again.  Good times!

First let's get the annoying stuff out of the way.

Tara's Shaky Chin Takes Center Stage: I'm starting to think that the writers should just cut out all of Rutina Wesley's lines and just let her quivery chin do the acting.  She is the queen of Acting: 101 reaction shots.  In this episode, Bill wouldn't help her escape from Franklin so she gave him a shocked look.  Then she looked both afraid and amazed when Franklin dressed her in a fancy white nightgown and showed her his speed-texting skills. She tried to run away from the mansion in the middle of the day, but instead got to employ all her facial muscles in terror when Wolf Coot attacked her (if only he had killed her, or at least maimed her, but I digress).  But she saved her most quivery look for when Franklin told her he was going to take her out to a fancy meal at Shoney's before turning her into his vampire bride!  (Huge bulging, blinking eyes!  Mouth agape!  Throat gagging at the thought of having to eat at Shoney's for her last ever meal as a real human person!)

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  • I HATE HER ACTING. And by acting, I do mean muscle spasms. She is really bad... And every episode it gets worse. Maybe if she becomes a vamp she'll stop being so twitchy!

  • In reply to bexlizard:

    I know some people were hoping she'd get an Emmy nod, to which I say, "Hookers, please."

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