'True Blood' Recap - A Return to Form

Hooray for True Blood this week, returning from last week's laughable episode to deliver one full of suspense, blood, and just a touch of Alcide's abdominal muscles.

Here's an excerpt from my recap at phillyBurbs.com:

After an episode last week that was borderline True Blood parody, it was nice to see this week's episode filled with blood, confessions, and shit-about-to-happen-ocity.   

Here's how it went down in Bon Temps (and Mississippi).

The Palace in Jackson: Pretty much all of the action is happening away from Bon Temps these days in King Russell's Palace of Tapestries and Ill-Gotten Crownage.  First Bill was there.  Then Tara showed up.  Then Eric.  Now Sookie's been dragged in by Russell himself, who witnessed her sparking up Coot in the last episode with her fireball hands. 

Russell's all pissy about Bill now because he finally realized what we've all known since birth: Bill luvs Sookie 4-eva.  So Russell sent Bill down to a dungeon to be killed by his maker Crazy Lorena.  Eric saw an opening and decided to be his most charming Mr. Northman to try and get on Russell's good side, both to coerce the king into helping him save Pam and to get close enough to Russell to seek vengeance on him for having his family murdered centuries ago.

Sookie was none too pleased with Eric's about face.  She has become way too used to all the men in her life falling all over themselves for her, but here Eric is telling Sookie that she means nothing to him.  Sookie can't read his mind, of course, so she can't know for certain if he's bluffing or not.  He tells her that she is a means to an end for him, and he is closer than ever to getting something he's wanted since he was human.  She is huffy. 

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