The Emmy Snubs

Outstanding Drama Series

Every once in a while, the Emmy voters like to prove that they are still alive and vote for an upstart TV show that is off the beaten path.  And then they continue to nominate said show over and over ad nauseum until the entire world is so sick of the show and its cast that they never want to hear the word "Monk" again.  Or "Entourage."  Or "Piven."  Or "Jon Cryer."  

This year it seems that the "look how cool we are" slots all went to Modern Family (deserving) and Glee (crap on a stick), leaving little room for anything else.  
Here are the biggest Emmy snubs of 2010.

Who did I miss?

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  • Of course as soon as I posted this I realized I forgot both John Noble and his television show, "Fringe."

  • For best actress in a drama - Khandi Alexander for "Treme".

  • I have Khandi Alexander on the list, but for Supporting Actress.

  • You include a lot of comedy category snubs, but you say the "Modern Family" noms are deserved. So who would you remove from the lists to get your snubs in?

  • In reply to Showpatrolman:

    Good question. For Supporting Actor, Jon Cryer is out for sure, because he's won before and his show is an abomination. I'd actually knock NPH out as well, because he's been to the dance before and he's nominated for Guest Actor, too, why pile on? I like my NPH with the underdog status. While I am in no way a "Glee" fan, I'd say that Chris Colfer can stay because he is one of the brightest spots in that show.

    And I'd kick Tony Shalhoub out of the Lead Actor category to make room for Ed O'Neill. While I know he submitted himself as a supporting actor, his character is the glue that holds the whole Modern Family show together. And I'd say that's a leading performance.

    As far as the ladies go, I really don't think Kristen Wiig deserves to be on the list this year. Her SNL performances were not up to par with previous seasons. And, well, you already know how I feel about "2.5 Men." And while Lea Michele can sing like crazy, her acting leaves a lot to be desired.

    I can't speak to "Nurse Jackie," never having seen it, but I wouldn't hesitate to get rid of either "Glee" or "The Office" or both in the Best Comedy category.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • In reply to Showpatrolman:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that Matthew Morrison should've been immediately DQ'd from consideration on account of his "rap" stylings.

  • In reply to Showpatrolman:

    Parks and Recreation deserved a Best Comedy nomination more than any other show this year, especially 30 Rock and The Office. John Noble would have been nice in the Supporting Actor race.

    For Glee - keep Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch, and chuck all the other nominations.

    Cox and Busy Phillips deserve better too.

    Yay for Coach Eric and Tami Taylor though! Oh, and one huge omission: Zach Gilford as Matt Saracen. The funeral episode this year was the best FNL episode ever. He had two spectacular monologues in it, and he nailed them both.

    And let's get rid of January Jones - her one-note performance as Betty Draper grows tiresome.

  • In reply to Hammer:

    The episode was called "The Son" and Zach Gilford knocked it out of the park. How that performance didn't win him a nomination is beyond me. Acting doesn't get much better than that. Period.

  • In reply to Showpatrolman:

    Just noticed another big snub in the Guest Actor in a Comedy: Michael Sheen for "30 Rock." His Wesley Snipes was one of the best things about that show this season.

    Aside from Jerem.

  • In reply to Showpatrolman:

    I'm still trying to think of a non-gay way to ask Ron Swanson to go camping with me.

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