The Art of Movie Theater Napping

Last night the husband and I had a discussion about when we were going to make time to see Inception this weekend.  The conundrum here was not just the whole babysitter issue, but also the fact that the movie is 2.5 hours long, and I have a problem staying awake in any movie that runs past 9:00 PM.  

We eventually decided to see the movie on Sunday afternoon because there's a better chance of me keeping my eyes open the entire time.  You need to know your limitations.  
Since I'm a world-champion theater sleeper, I thought I'd offer you some advice for dealing with the cinema pass-out.
Let's explore the kinds of movie theater naps:
Two More Quick Tips:

1) Have a Buddy.  Don't fall asleep in the theater by yourself.  For one, some stranger might steal your Gummi Worms (or worse).  And secondly, no matter what the circumstance, you'll look like a weirdo.
2) Only fall asleep among friends.  Don't fall asleep on a first date or a second date, or maybe even a third date.  Especially if you snore or drool or talk in your sleep.  Do all you can to avoid sleeping.  Eat candy.  Bite your cheek.  Pinch your arm.  Buy a huge cup of something caffeinated.  But remember, if you do drink lots of liquid during the movie, try to score an end seat in the theater.  You're probably going to need to leave at some point.

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  • Sorry, but with a movie ticket costing more than $10, I don't see a movie if I don't think I can stay awake for the entire thing. If you fall asleep this often at the movies, maybe you should skip the theater and get a Netflix subscription.

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