'So You Think You Can Dance' Strikes Again


11 Questions About Last Night's Episode of So You Think You Can Dance:

1. So, did the murderous arm of the SYTYCD grim reaper strike again last night?
You betcha!  This time it felled everyone's favorite moppet, Billy "Elliot/Jamie" Bell.
2. You seem chipper.  And you only ever seem chipper when you smell a conspiracy.  Was there a conspiracy?
Well, and this is just me opining, of course, but I smell a little something fishy.  I mean, Billy, according to your Auntie Nigel, was medically certified to be well enough to dance last night, but Billy opted not to.  I think maybe, just maybe, Billy sensed that he'd be kicked off this week, and so he decided to take a dive.  That way he could blame his ouster on his not dancing instead of the cruel hard truth that America just doesn't get Billy Bell.
3. Whatever.  Who's going to bite it next week?
Hopefully Tyce or Adam Shankman's larynx.  
4. Was something missing from last night's episode, I mean, besides Billy Bell?
Yes!  Practically everything was missing.  There was no Neal, no Pasha, no Mark, no Anya, and no Ade.  Sure, we were treated to two dances with Twitch, but that doesn't make up for the lack of All Star power.  
5. But we did get to see Allison, Kathryn, Lauren, and, well, that's it, right?
I am so sick of Allison right now.  I mean, she's good, but come on.  Let us miss her a little bit.

6. What was the best dance of the night?
I don't know.  They were all kind of fine, weren't they?  But none of them really stick out to me.  I guess Kent's stepping routine with Twitch playing the role of Billy Bell was the most memorable of the night, but that was mostly on account of their unlikely glitter-fied fraternity sweaters.
7. What was the most overrated dance of the night?
That's easy.  Adechike's Nap/Tab lyrical hip-hop routine with Comfort.  I mean, it was fine.  It was really good, even, but it did not deserve all the judges gushing over it.  The routine itself was just not as memorable and innovative as either the "Bleeding Love" routine or the "No Air" routine.  I feel like we've seen the whole guy-in-a-tie is kind of a jerk to girl-in-a-hip-hop-outfit routine before.  
8. What else was overrated?
The need for the thirty-second solos.  Yawn, yawn, yawn!  If I wanted to watch thirty seconds of uninspired dance, I'd tune into the results show.
9.  Well, who's going home, then?
I don't see how it's not Billy Bell who gets the chop.  They've set a precedent the past two weeks in sending home the gimpy dancers.  And Billy has been in the Bottom 3 about 47 times.  It's not his moment like this.  
10. OK, assuming they won't send home Billy.
They will, but I'll indulge you.  I think the rest of the bottom three will contain Robert and Adechike.  The judges love Robert (who is still trying to turn into Mark and somewhat succeeding, if you ask me), and they just praised Adechike like crazy people last night.  I don't see any way Billy doesn't go home tonight.
11. 'Kay thanks!  Bye!
Get out of here, you.
What did you think of last night's So You Think You Can Dance?  Talk to me in the comments, or come find me on Twitter (@MagistraAI).

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  • OK, whoops. I think Jose will take Robert's spot in the Bottom 3 because I totally forgot he exists.

  • No Neil on tour. The world has been robbed.

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    No Mark either. This tour is bunk.

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