'Project Runway' Recap - Season Premiere!

In the immortal words of modern sage Homer Simpson, "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably.  The lesson is, never try."

That's kind of how it felt last night on the season premiere of Project Runway when we saw two designers get away with doing basically nothing.  One made pants out of pants and the other turned a kimono backwards.  They each smacked their designs on the rear and sent them down the runway with minor alterations.  
But not everyone was a miserable talentless cheater (Like Alex on Top Chef.  Grrr).  Here's how it went down on the PR:

The task of the day was for the contestants to choose an article of clothing from each of their own suitcases and incorporate it (or "implicate" it, according to Ivy) into their first ever Project Runway design.  But!  There was a twist.  After choosing their article of clothing, they were told to pass the item to the person on their right!  Shenanigans!  

The other twist was that the designers were only given five hours to complete the challenge -- the shortest amount of time ever allotted on Project Runway - and a fact that special guest former-celebrity judge Selma Blair (Who had previously won some international "Best Dressed" award.  Which "Best Dressed" Award?  I have no idea) felt the need to point out every five seconds during the judging panel.  History!
Oh, and the third twist of the night was that this design challenge was the contestants' final piece of the Project Runway audition.  There were 17 designers, but only 16 beds.  So they weren't even technically on the show yet.  Even though they were on the show.  I mean, we could see them all last night.  Did they not know this?  How can one be on the show, yet not be "on the show?"  One of life's great mysteries.  
In the end, poor construction and laziness won out over horrendous styling, as so often happens in life.  Tim Gunn was a golden god, and all was right with the world.
What did you think of the season premiere?  Who are you rooting for at this early date?  Come follow me on Twitter (@ExMagistra) if you'd like to converse (Read: Bitch) during Project Runway each week.  We'll talk.  No big deal.

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  • This used to be my favorite "Reality Show", but it seems it is getting lamer and lamer.

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of trying to catch the re-run, and perhaps future episodes!

  • In reply to Ninure:

    Thanks for the comment!

    Actually, I didn't think it was a horrible episode, per se, just the final decision was a little suspect.

    I am a big fan of the extended judging. More Michael Kors is always preferable to less Michael Kors.

  • In reply to Ninure:

    Julie I'm so glad you are doing this show because now I can contribute meaningfully! I read all your SYTYCD posts but since I didn't watch the show, I had nothing to add.

    I disagree with the first commenter, I think the show gets better every season, because better and better designers try out. Yes its kinda repetative and the twists get annoying, but it holds my attention. (Also, since I watch the Biggest Loser, I'm immuned to all the shameless plugging that goes on now).

    By the way, did anyone else miraculously have HD lifetime last night? Finally!

    Anyway, I dislike the super short time constraints in general because no one sends out anything awesome. I also think they sent home the wrong person. Yes, the outfit was terrible and styling was weird, but I think Ms. I-made-a-hidious-blouse-to-go-with-my-pants-turned-rouched-capri's-and-I-refuse-to-accept-any-criticim-on-it deserved the boot. Also I had hoped that the eliminated contestant would stay long enough to explain how her tiny neck can support the enormous weight of those dreds!

  • In reply to Ashby:

    Thanks for reminding me that I forgot to mention that the booted contestant reminded me of a hard-livin' Keri Russell.

    Did anyone else wake up in night sweats after dreaming about being forced to wear rouched toile-printed capris?

    If anyone should've gone home last night it was Bowler Hat, followed by Pants Magic.

    I need to think of better nicknames for these people.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    Totally agree, Julie, I think Kors gives the show its credibility and, although I'm suspect of Selma Blair's award, I liked her as a judge. Unfortunately, PR fails to really utilize its guest judges, I would like to see them more active in the entire show instead of just pitching in a couple thoughts after the runway. For ex, maybe accompany Gunn when he checks in on the designers' status?

  • In reply to MilkMoney:

    I have to agree on Selma Blair. She was certainly more than a seat filler, and I appreciated her insights.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    Oh, I forgot about Bowler Hat. He really put in no work. The only reason I think he stayed is the pics of his collections were really impressive. And probably the bowler hat helped too...

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