Hammervision Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/2/10

Hey! It's the Friday before a holiday weekend.  No one's doing any work.  Why not check out some of the best things on the Internet this week:

Jason Segel gives his (really quite clever) opinions on how How I Met Your Mother should end.
Check out the title of the new Final Destination movie and prepare to barf.
James Franco's current turn on General Hospital is crazy/brilliant.
If you want to help keep Glee from winning every award, go to E!Online and vote in the Watch With Kristin Tater Tops polls.
You could also waste time by checking out my True Blood coverage at (including, but not limited to my recap of last week's episode).
Or you could join our fancy group on Facebook.  There's a link in a box at the bottom of this page, or if you'd prefer to relax and not scroll down, just click here.
And last, but not least...


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  • Hahahahaha, shampoo my crotch. What movie is that from?

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