Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/9/10

Friday night is so close you can taste it.  In the meantime, minimize your actual work and check out this fun linkage! has compiled a list of recent Emmy nominees who could be one step closer to EGOT with an Emmy win.  SHAMELESS PLUG: After that, you can check out my EGOT post from a few weeks ago.
Waste all your time this afternoon Mad Men-ing yourself with new outfits and accessories!

Crazy Days and Nights revealed a whole bunch of celebrity blind items on July 4th.  Read and amaze your friends with your knowledge of the hottest gossip about Errol Flynn (among others).

Take the deceptively difficult quiz entitled "Facebook Group or Afterschool Special."

Here's a mock trailer that poses the question, "What if Arrested Development was an action movie?"

Continue the saga of James Franco's journey of performance art in Port Charles.  This week's escapades involve his real life mother and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Or you can always watch this video for a while:

And then watch Saturday Night Live's parody:
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