Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/23/10

Was it just me or was the Internet kind of boring this week?  Maybe it just took a much-needed summer vacation, sailing with George Clooney off the coast of Italy.

But I did find a few tidbits to help you through your Friday.
The Onion has the gripping tale of a girl raised by a wolf...Wolf Blitzer, that is!

Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody

The Oatmeal proved that James Cameron ripped his own self off with Avatar.

Watch James Franco as Franco watch Franco on the TV.  General Hospital is absolute genius.

Even though I belong to both of these demographics, I found STFU, Parents and STFU, Marrieds to be quite entertaining.  Of course, I'm never as annoying as these folks.  NEVER.
This one is kind of weak, but it's something to distract you during those slow, dragging hours between lunch and the 5:00 PM whistle.  What if movie titles were honest?
Ever wonder how long it's safe to keep an opened container of cottage cheese in the fridge?  Still Tasty has the answer to that question, and many more.
GOB and Michael Bluth are now making digital shorts together.  I am OK with this in any situation.

Last, but not least, if you're still mulling over the mechanics of Inception, Cinemablend has a handy illustration of the 5 levels of the movie's big dream sequence.

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