Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/16/10

You can do it!  Just a few more hours until freedom.  Until then...

...You could spend time finding the love of your life on Hannidate.
...Or you could watch the best cry ever,

...And then watch it autotuned.

...You could eat up a ton of time watching the Old Spice channel and tweeting questions to the Old Spice guy.

...See a very pregnant Diablo Cody interview celebrities in a trailer (it's really much more interesting than it sounds).
...Find out what some movie posters would look like if they had truly honest titles.
...And then discover what your favorite video games would look like in "Super Easy" mode.
...Check out George Steinbrenner's new all-star hell!
...Finally, watch Jewel-in-disguise perform Jewel at a karaoke bar.

...Or John Williams' sure-to-be Grammy nominated autotuned Rod Blagojevich interview (I know this is old, but it's been in my head).


If you have any requests or scoops for Friday Procrastination Aid, I'm all ears (or eyes).  Contact me on Twitter @MagistraAI or via email


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