Film Essentials: 1989

In 1989, George Bush Sr. became PUSA.  The Supreme Court ruled that flag burning was an act of protected speech under the First Amendment.  Toyota launched its Lexus brand.  Nintendo began selling the Game Boy in Japan.  Pat Sajak left Wheel of Fortune to start his own late night talk show.  Coach, Quantum Leap, America's Funniest Home Videos, and a little show called Seinfeld (at the time, The Seinfeld Chronicles) all premiered on television.  Madonna had a hit with "Like a Prayer" and the B-52s told everyone 'bout the "Love Shack."
The movies were a varied bunch - and I find it still hard to believe that out of all the great movies that you'll soon see below, the one to win Best Picture and dominate the Academy Awards that year was a little drama called Driving Miss Daisy.  Not quite essential all these years later, but certainly popular with voters at the time.  Let's also give it up for these also-rans: The Abyss, Always, The 'Burbs, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Back to the Future II, The Dream Team, Dead Poets Society, Born on the 4th of July, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Look Who's Talking, Major League, Road House, Parenthood, Steel Magnolias, Sex Lies & Videotape, Tango & Cash, Uncle Buck, War of the Roses, and classics like The Wizard, Turner & Hooch, and Weekend at Bernie's.  And here are your Essentials:


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  • I don't know which movie it should replace, but "Steel Magnolias" is never not essential. If you can prove to me that it's not, then I'll paint my front door red and change my name to Elizabeth Arden.

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