Another Wednesday, Another 'So You Think You Can Dance'

10 Questions about last night's So You Think You Can Dance:

1. Her?
That's right. Bland was absent from the competition.  She mysteriously "injured" "herself" during practice.  But she was nowhere to be seen.  What did she injure?  Was it a gross disfigurement that will render her face more recognizable?
2. Was it just me or did Lauren dance that Tahitian dance like she was auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?
Lauren was in that dance?  All I saw was Mark.

3. Speaking of Mark, where has Ade been?
Good question.  Another good question: Where's Twitch?
4. Wouldn't you like to know.  So tell me.  Was that the 500th Cancer Dance on SYTYCD or was it just number 499.
You're such a jerk.  It was only 482.
5. OK, fine.  But seriously, what did you think?
Well, I actually thought the dance was pretty awesome, and I am generally loathe to buy into the personal-turmoil-as-choreography vote-hiking dances.  However, the difference between this dance and Tyce's dance was that 1) Travis choreographed it, not Tyce, 2) it was about Travis's actual mother, who we know really exists, and not some nebulous "friend" of Tyce's, and 3) Allison and Robert done killed it, dance-wise.  I thought it was the best dance of the night, followed
6. What? 
Um...followed by Tyce's Broadway number with Kent and Neil?  While I could never ever imagine one of the Pittsburgh Pirates getting up and sashaying around the field like that and while Tyce obviously has little knowledge of what an actual game of baseball looks like, the routine itself was energetic and fun to watch.  Unlike the other Broadway routine.
7. Yeah, what was that?
It was awful, is what it was.  Poor Jose.  Poor Courtney.
8. Why do they even include Broadway as a style?
I've wondered the same thing, but I think it's more about the choreographers they choose.  They're all boring as hell.  And, I'm gonna say it.  Joey Dowling may well be worse than Tyce.
9. Is anyone else worse than Tyce?
Doryana Sanchez.  There has to be someone else -- ANYONE else in the entire world -- who knows what disco is and who can choreograph a minute and a half dance for a TV program.  
10. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Well, I missed Pasha tonight, but it was nice to get two Anya numbers.  And...I really hope Bland gets sent home tonight.  I don't think any of the other dancers frakked up enough to be chopped.
What else did you think?  Talk to me in the comments or on Twitter (@MagistraAI).

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  • Okay.

    Can we talk about this pending tour for a moment? Can we go together? Because frankly, I'm not sure anyone else could handle being around me as I squeal like a little girl when Neil takes the stage. Secondly. What's with Season 6 getting snubbed on the tour? Unless they're doing Season 6 + 7 + all stars. There will be all stars, right? I'd hate to have to go postal on someone for the lack thereof Neil.

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    I'm definitely in for the tour. Unless there are no all-stars. Because we already know there's going to be no Alex Wong, I don't want to show up there and find out there's no Mark or Neil either.

    I don't know about Season 6. Those kids really got the shaft, didn't they?

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    New Rules for SYTYCD:

    1) NO MORE Sickness/Cancer/Family Member in Crisis Dances. Ever. Again. (Sorry, Travis Wall. Love you but the dance was Dull and Overwrought).

    2) NO MORE Tahitian/Hawaiian/Maori/Aboriginal/Samoan Dances. Two words for those ethnic dances: BOR - ING.

    My favorite was the dance by Dee Chessman with Adechike and Kent. They are both beautiful dancers and brought appropriate emotion to the piece. Starting to love Kent. What is up with that?

    Robert needs to go home. His over-acting is exhausting and despicable. He is a good dancer. Don't like him at all. Never will.

  • In reply to poloprincess:

    I'm going to agree with you on all counts here, Poloprincess.

    In the meantime...shall we start wagering bets as to which dancer is injured and has to sit next week out? I'm gonna go with Adechike.

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